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Hyrule Warriors Review~!

...'Cause Zelda stuff makes me shirk personal projects and blog entries. D: BUT is awesome. WARNING! This entry contains spoilers for the following games: -Hyrule Warriors -Screenshots in this entry were taken by me and other players on Miiverse- I can't recall when I first heard about this was either by Nintendo Direct or E3...I don't know, but it doesn't matter. I'd been waiting for it for a long time. It finally released in North America this past Friday (September 26), and, having pre-ordered it, I picked it up after work. Played for a few hours Friday, 8 hours Saturday, and another few hours today before beating it.  I have so much to say, I'm not sure where to start. lol This game made me really happy. It's not a Legend of Zelda game, it's a Dynasty Warriors game with Zelda characters and storyline. We can't legitimately include it in with Zelda's franchise and timeline, it wasn't meant