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The Epic To-Do List

My life is insane. lol I'm an airfield professional, a leader, a digital art major, a freelance illustrator and designer, a gamer, a singer, a photographer, an actress, a seamstress, a wannabe astronomer, a writer, a storyteller, a sculptor, an animator, a videographer, a director, a model, a nerd, and a big fat dreamer with an outrageous imagination. While many of these pursuits of mine are amateur in nature, they're still a part of me and what I love. And I still aspire to be so much more. I've had personal tasks piling up in these areas since I was in middle school, and I'm so serious about seeing them all through, I haven't given up trying no matter how long I have to wait to accomplish them. I've been asked if I ever think I'm delusional...I'm pretty sure I mentioned that in a blog entry before. The answer is still NOPE! This is largely what gives me drive. Purpose. Inspiration. These are a significant portion of all my goals, dreams, and ambit

Facts and Opinions

My first blog post of the year, and it has to be spurred by sudden, acute irritation, bypassing all the other subjects that've been on my blog to-do list for years. This is nuts. I found myself at the Kansas City Comic Con yesterday with my cousin looking for a decent art print of Wonder Woman as I'd like a classic comic-style piece of her for my wall. As I was looking, I came across a rather large art booth with 3 colored prints of her which, while not my ideal picks, were not bad at all. It was then I looked up and saw who I figured was the artist working on a piece off in the corner of the booth, minding his own business with no one else around him. My curiosity as an artist sparked, and I slowly made my way over to him (I'm still a slightly shy person deep down). I read the giant comic art-plastered sign behind him which said NEAL ADAMS at the top. I figured that was him. The only western comic artist I really know the name of is Terry Dodson ...a prominent DC a