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Breach of Shadow

It's hard to believe. Finally...steps are being taken to let this ambition take flight. Very, very subtly - but it's free nonetheless. Breach of Shadow is the title of my latest digital illustration and holds multiple layers of meaning both in real life and in the image's story. A few may recognize the character. I have been drawing that burgundy-haired girl sporadically over the past 15 years, posting only some of pieces of her online. For those who'd rather not do the math...that's just over half my life at this point. She went by the placeholder name, Suki Tsubaki, but I never explained who she was or where she came from. 2004 2006 ... oh look, I spelled my name wrong :] 2006 2007 2007 2011 2017 2018 2018 I'm missing some sketches here and there as she's acted as a stress relief doodle on multiple occasions. And there are several sketches of mini comic pages somewhere in my heaps of art storag