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Sailor Universe Cosplay Thoughts

Yo~! Just a short blurb about some stuff that ran through my head as I was finishing my latest costume - So, I’ve finally finished the masterpiece I’ve been dreaming about for over a decade. Uni’s always been a reflection of how I see myself in the mirror. When I drew her for the first time a year or so after conjuring the idea of her, I was just starting to grow out my bangs around the 4 th and 5 th grades and had to wear epic headbands to keep them out of my face; I distinctly remember my folks, and even my teacher, getting on my case about the unruly hair. Long hair was a must for me, including the bangs, so I dealt with it. After a while I attempted to part them to the side as was suggested. I parted them on my right so the bulk would flow to my left…that’s how it looked best to me in the mirror anyway. Since forever, I’ve looked better in my reflection than in reality, IMO. As such, Universe has always been more beautiful in my mind. She’s who I want to