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3D Modeling, Final Projects, Ms. S + Next Semester

I am in desperate need of sleep, so I'll try my best to make this sound coherent and then crash for a bit... But I worn the hell out. Just going to share a few renders of the digital 3D modeling I've been doing. Photorealistic still life and surreal pieces were two big projects we just finished. We'll be working on our final now, which, for me, will be another surreal piece. This stuff definitely ain't my forte...and I'm dreading 3D animation next semester like nothin' else. I modeled a goblet, champaign glass, and a knock off of Sailor Neptune's aqua mirror...and then the rest of the objects are modeled from my home. The sword (which I also made a glass copy of), the picture frame, the lantern (which has flower images on the glass in reality, not my photo manipulation), and the candle inside the lantern. They each took me a few hours to model, and then getting the lighting and texturing set up just right took me weeks

100 Drawings - close-ups

     Well, I chose about 44 of 'em I really liked to share with y'all. I'd forgotten my camera at home during class, so I only have phone images of the pieces all out on the floor during critique. Yes, they're all mine. All 100. ^^; The critique itself was brief, which kind of blew our minds considering how long and hard we worked on these. But it made sense 'cause we had 2,100 pieces to go through in 3 hours. Stuff was heavy! I worked a lot with eyes this round - one of my favorite subjects.       Inspired by a classmate who was creating traditionally "pixelated" art. Don't like exaggerated eyelashes? Hehe... >:] This was hilarious... I literally got pissed at my phone, threw it on the canvas, and drew around it like it was bleeding. I then filled in the space where it was and called it a day. Apparently, Ms. S loved this one without any idea