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Spring "Break"

So, I'm sitting here in the computer lab at school during Spring "Break"...which really isn't a break at all as I'm spending it catching up with all the work I couldn't do regularly. x_X Figured I'd blog as I work. This week I'm making two trips to the hospital for a lengthy physical regarding the job I'm testing for. They're doing extensive testing on things like my sight, hearing, heart, breathing, blood, dental, body fluids, and women's health stuff. So far so good! My eyes are pretty damn good, but, unfortunately, they aren't perfect. SO...I will have to wear my glasses on the job. It's a field that requires perfect vision no matter what. Glad I already have them so I don't have to buy new ones, and also glad I'm not going to be a pilot - they HAVE to get corrective surgery if they're not perfect already. ...But the glasses are still not something I'm looking forward to. I also found out I'm blood type O+. F

Museum of Modern Arts

My Contemporary Art History professor is requiring us to take a trip to San Francisco this semester and "raid" the Museum of Modern Art (a.k.a SFMoMA) to write a research paper on our favorite work there. So, that's what I did this past Saturday. SF is about a 2-hour drive from me, and I went with a fellow classmate and her two friends. We were required to visit every gallery in the building across 5 different floors. We had to take multiple photos of works in each gallery, and of ourselves...because she will not even grade our work if we don't have photo proof that we were there. x_x So, pretty much it was a given that we had to go with other people...not only because SF is a hell of a city to brave alone...but also so we could take each others' photos and what-not. We also had to sketch our favorite work, and keep a photo journal inside the actual museum. a blogger, I'm naturally inclined to take more photos than necessary. :P We stopped in B