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Fall '12 Conclusions

There's a LOT to cover in this entry. I hesitated to write it 'cause I know I'll be here a while and there's still so much to get done even though I'm finished with the semester. I will be working on school projects while on "vacation" this winter so that my workload next semester won't kill me. And it does have the potential to. I've been very, very sleep deprived these last couple months due to schoolwork, and it will get much worse. I will be swamped with so much work next semester it's making me ill just thinking about it. My professors are worried about it and my classmates were speechless when I told them what'd I'd be doing, but I don't have a choice. I'll be taking the Video Art class, btw. They found a way to offer it, so I'll be taking that instead of Figure Drawing. Which is a bittersweet thing, I guess. Ms. S was reeeally looking forward to having me in that course. She said she'd already begun planning t