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Drawing Assignment 8 + wrist injury

I swear... I'm going to somehow record the feedback I get from Ms. S. It's gotten to the point that I just...stand there and listen to her go on about my work in ways I've never quite heard before, and it seems so surreal I can't respond. I'm a little weary already of just talking about it - almost as if what I'm typing is a sick, old lie someone made up to give me a false sense of encouragement. This was assignment 8. We were to stick with our theme, of course, but this time we were to write a piece to go along with our image. Of course, the writing needed to be personalized, hand written, and thought out as an art piece itself in whatever way we saw fit. Very open criteria. I simply chose to pour my heart out onto homemade stationary.  I'm glad prof didn't lecture me about this being more of a design after calling the drawing an "emblem," and the class pointed out the tattoo-ish look (someone even offered to pay me to do one

Drawing Assignment 7 + 2nd big piece

Just a quick one here...wanted to talk about some stuff before Senior Seminar begins...(dude, I'm literally at school from 9:40am to 8pm on sucks big time). I forgot to get a shot of these four recent images before taking them off the wall, but here they are - charcoal again - was to spend no more than 15 minutes on each...I timed myself this time: Again, going along with the theme of inner struggle/turmoil. Charcoal + short time limit = very frustrated me. I just went all over the place with those bottom I juz didn't care! 'Cause y'know...nothing ever really goes well when I'm rushed. But alas...the bottom right was people's favorite... GO. FIGURE. :| Went off on some tangent about how intriguing the linework was - YOU KNOW...intellectual artistic jargon like that. They also liked the markings found in the bottom left, and how the eye on top was so deep and pulls you in...and I'm just standin' there like: ^___^  ;; But

Drawing Assignments 5 + 6, Senior Project, 3D stuff

I finished the giant Uni piece, but I'll save showing you the finished photo of it for when I turn it in with the other two giant ones on Oct 8. Here's to hoping I finish on time. x.x These things are brutal. Luckily I don't have to use charcoal for the other two. ^^ That ish drives me crazy... I don't like how drawing assignment 5 turned out. Okay maybe the lower right one, but we were experimenting with value, and again, I had to rush through it like a fool. People liked the upper left, though. Ew. I don't even wanna talk about it. xD Kay, moving on. Assignment 6. A bit more fun, I guess. We finally got to add a second medium. I chose watercolor to emphasis the connection between the soul and the eyes (windows to the soul, y'know). Fun stuff. Prof liked it. It could still use a bit of work...and re-work...but it's alright for the assignment. My second giant image will go along with kind of the same technique and idea.  Ms. S saw the


I must've made these in high school...! lol I'm going through old files trying to find material for an art project, and ran into these. So crazy...makes me wanna redo them and make more. :P    ~Uni

Drawing Assignments 3 + 4 and then some...~

Oy...I'm getting weary. Constant work. I go to school, I come home and do work, I sleep for maybe 4 hours, and then I do it all over again. Then there are the ROTC training requirements which are kicking my ass...I hardly have enough energy for the physical aspect of it. Luckily, I seem to possess an endless supply of cold, hard adrenaline. Otherwise, this would be impossible. ;P So, the charcoal drawing assignments are continuing, and we're expected to adhere to our theme. My prof wanted me to expand on the successful dark piece in the last assignment, so I delve into the head of the character and drew 4 more pieces to show what she was so afraid of. Bleeding guardian angels, her torn spirit, suffocating demons, and the endless struggle keeping her chained to her misery. All the things I don't miss from my past. Not very happy with these, though. The angel was alright, and I suppose I like what I did with the upper right piece (literally tore into it with a knife

I figured out what a drawing is!!

LMAO...oh heavens... Before you read this blog entry, read the journal I wrote on the subject on DeviantART . Well, guess what...I stayed up all night trying to "draw" what I thought my professor would accept as an actual drawing, and it fricken worked. Granted, I was pretty damn tired this morning, and physical training was rough...but I suppose it was worth it. There are about 20 students in my Advanced Drawing course and we each had four 18x24" charcoal drawings due today. We went through the critique as a class, as usual, and when we got to my set, prof got up real close to the upper left-hand piece and studied it closely. I got a bit nervous, like I though she was gonna say, "That's not what I wanted," but she had me go on with my explanation anyway. I told the class that I chose to go with the encouragement I got about having myself in my images and made a bold move by sticking with it regardless of the negative feedback I've gotten a

Charcoal Princesses

My first assignment for my Advanced Drawing course was to create 12 themed charcoal drawings of whatever we wanted. The only criteria was that we spend no more than 15 minutes on each... ...yeah that didn't go over so well for me. I ended up spending at least 4 hours on them (total). I chose to draw the Sailor Moon princesses...because drawing on subjects I enjoy reeeallly helps me get assignments like this done. I'll challenge myself in other ways later. xD But for a first assignment, this worked out fine. And there are plenty of senshi to go around. :] Below are the individual pieces and a video of me working on Moon, Mercury, and Mars. ...That would be over an hour condensed into 10 minutes... >_> I'm not used to working on charcoal...I don't like the medium, and it was very awkward for me. But my personal favorite outcomes were Moon, Neptune, and Pluto. I s'pose I like Uni, too. :] My art instructor let me know she really enjoyed "the one that

Childish Adults

-WARNING- This entry is a rant.  Read at your own risk.      I had to apologize to a good friend today who was gracious enough to accompany me to an anime convention I frequent. She was pretty excited about it, and while I had some fun, for the most part I was just 'meh' about it. And other times I was downright cynical, so I felt bad.  I often get that way at cons due to the people. Some folks are awesome, wonderful, talented, and fun to be around. But then there are many con goers are, bluntly, disgusting...and I have low tolerance for the behavior.  I support having fun. I support being immature every now and then. What I don't support is grown, healthy, adult human beings acting like preschoolers in a public place like its okay. It makes me sick, quite literally at times.  Do not   scream if you want something. Talk. Ask politely. RESTRAIN YOURSELF like an educated, intelligent, sane, well-behaved person. Trust me, it's possible to have a great ti