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Muha~ Long time, no post. Woah. Got some time, so might as well. The audio file to that first podcast has gone missing, so bear with me while I try to find it. I do still plan to do some in the future, but God knows it probably won't be a continuation of what I started. That was a whole two years ago, and I've just about lost interest completely as I thought I would. This is officially a place in which I will do whatever the hell I want. Post pictures, rant verbally, sing, etc. forced me to join twitter so they could get themselves an extra follower (aren't they just so special), and since I'm the head graphic artist there, I obliged. And since twitter is now uncomfortably a part of my life.....may as well use the damn thing. So, you'll be seein' that here to the right. K, gonna go get some other crap done - later. ~Uni