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Introduction and Game Talk~

Welcome to Abyss Podcasts hosted by the webmistress of So, the podcasts in this realm will mostly revolve around the concepts of Japanese animation and the world of video gaming. This was started by a class assignment, so until the class ends I will feel a bit obligated to stay on-topic. However, after this school year, there will be no rules to hold me back and who knows...I might decide to take full advantage of my freedom. :] You can find the first podcast to the right titled "It's War - Part 1". It's an intro to a discussion on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. [[Please wait while I look for the audio file since my old high school decided to remove it from their server]] Guests are: Kalani Hubbard and Jonathan Gee And I realize the quality of the session could improve. I'm going to work on that for next time. Enjoy~ I'll be back. ^^ -Ashleigh