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Animations Galore!

HUGE GINORMOUS EXCESSIVELY LARGE POST AHEAD! Originally, I was gonna break these projects up by the class, but today's a blogging day according to my calendar. So I figured why not spend a bit more time with one big post today about all my animation projects instead of spreading them out... >.> I got time. ... I love saying that. Sooo, where to begin...?? We'll go with my 3D animation projects. ^^ And, no, we're not talkin' Pixar status here. I swear, I will never view those movies the same ever again. The amount of time and effort that goes into this kind of work is EXCRUCIATINGLY wearisome. And the big Mac computers (lol bigmac) could barely handle the short animations we were putting together. I can't even imagine what kind of system is needed to produce a professional movie of Pixar's caliber. 3D modeling and 3D animation were two different classes I took as we saw in earlier entries. Had to take the modeling first, 'cause of course anima

Cherry Blossom Festival~!

ALRIGHT! I'm bringing this blog back to life! SO much has happened since that last entry, and I've had to literally keep a huge, long list of all the things I've wanted to blog about because there was no time. ;~; I semi-died during finals week with no sleep and very little food, then I graduated...somehow (yay!), then I was immediately thrust into cleaning/packing mode and finalizing degree + apartment paperwork, visiting old friends I won't see again for years, training for a physical fitness assessment, MORE packing and cleaning, and getting ready for another big life event. It was overwhelming. And then I still didn't get a break after taking care of all that, because right afterward, we loaded up the vehicles, and my Dad and I drove across the continent to my new home. ^^; I'll blog about all that later, but for noooow... I GOT TO ATTEND THE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL FINALLY ON APRIL 21, 2013~! A dream come true for me. I have a couple friends to thank fo