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Dear God...

Pulling one more all-nighter for a NIGHTMARE of a final exam at noon. Then I have two final critiques after that... Listening to songs like ... Light 'Em Up by Fall Out Boy, Never Close Your Eyes by Adam Lambert, and Wide Awake by Katy Perry... ARE YOU SEEING A TREND HERE...'CAUSE I AM. AND THAT SH*T IS ON REPEAT. x___________x *feels like death* I have a salad, airborne, cookies, and a cake next to me...and the icecream is on stand-by. CRAP! I forgot the green tea... *goes to make it* WE GO HARDCORE TILL THE END 'CAUSE THAT'S HOW WE ROOOOLLL!!!! ~Uni

For Sanity's Sake!

Just want to ramble for a moment to get away from work. Poor Facebook is feeling the effects of my uneasiness; I really do feel bad. It's Dead Week. That oh-so-ugly week before finals. There will be no sleeping. Not even my Dad is trying to get me to sleep this week. And he's always telling me to mind my health on every level. It's THAT serious. What I have left is to finish an Asian art research paper, a contemporary art quiz, final exam proposal, and BRUTAL final exam (prof's own words)...I have to finish my final 3D animation by Thursday this week, my final video documentary assignment by Wednesday, and my final senior video project by next week. My instructor also wants me to try and redo some audio on a project I just finished for reasons I'll mention at a later date. I plan to blog about everything that's been going on, but I don't even have time to do that right now. I actually need to go pull out my journal to record some more personal issues goi