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Caught in the Crossfire

The conviction that I should share this isn’t making the act any easier. This kind of public honesty comes at no small price. However, with the chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life (especially around the holidays), and the reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed, I’ve made my decision. Actually, I made it over a week ago and then lost my nerve. LOL The amount of divine intervention it took to steer me back on track was not subtle. We’ll leave it at that. I’ve taken extended leave from my job for more than simply spending Christmas with family; although, that’s a huge deal for me, and I treasure my time with them. I’ve been trying to write a story over the past 14 years and flesh out concept artwork that has gone largely undone due to the lack of time to immerse myself in the process like I feel I need to. This book happens to be the one thing I crave to complete before meeting my Maker. Why? Despite its fantastical fa├žade, the story will embody the intricacies