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The Epic To-Do List

My life is insane. lol

I'm an airfield professional, a leader, a digital art major, a freelance illustrator and designer, a gamer, a singer, a photographer, an actress, a seamstress, a wannabe astronomer, a writer, a storyteller, a sculptor, an animator, a videographer, a director, a model, a nerd, and a big fat dreamer with an outrageous imagination.
While many of these pursuits of mine are amateur in nature, they're still a part of me and what I love. And I still aspire to be so much more.

I've had personal tasks piling up in these areas since I was in middle school, and I'm so serious about seeing them all through, I haven't given up trying no matter how long I have to wait to accomplish them. I've been asked if I ever think I'm delusional...I'm pretty sure I mentioned that in a blog entry before. The answer is still NOPE! This is largely what gives me drive. Purpose. Inspiration. These are a significant portion of all my goals, dreams, and ambitions. Not everything will be listed here for reasons, but I thought it'd be interesting to combine and disclose exactly WHY I am never, ever, EVER bored in this life. I've already started/gotten in good progress on a lot of 'em. Others I have yet to touch. ...This is also why I don't think it's a good idea for me to ever have kids...this list continues to grow as the years go on despite how I realize many items may never come to fruition.

Here goes~

- various throw pillows
- christmas ornaments
- jewelry
- hair pieces
- mirror etching
- stickers
- dye-cut bookmarks w/ crystal decor
- sun catchers
- ~38 digital fan art illustrations lined up
- ~60 original digital illustrations (including custom card deck, greeting cards, and calendar pieces)
- 3 cosplays
- ~7 small graphic novels and comic strip series
- a couple short animations
- one online dress-up game in the works
- my autobiography (an incomplete video project from college)
- a few planned photoshoots
- various cover songs to record and improve vocal skills with
- several original songs to compose/write/record
- collect/provide stock photos for other artists
- a Legend of Zelda music vid I've been itching to do since high school
- that last art commission from like 2 years multiple IOU gift art pieces
- and a super secret giant multi-book creative writing project in the works since 2004 that I plan to publish and pitch movie + gaming storyboards for

- overhaul and re-publicize personal website
- design and set-up online art store/shipping plan
- devise art commission contract/commissioner agreement
- finish Dad's retirement video
- blogs/vlogs/podcasts
- set up a plan for solid financial success
- put together a blooper reel from my college senior video project
- clean out the inboxes of each of the 4 email addresses I use most often
- train myself for better physical fitness, diet, and mental health

- re-learn piano
- continue Japanese language/culture studies
- better acting skills
- better vocal skills
- new culinary skills
- how to figure skate (as much as possible... :p )
- martial arts
- swordsmanship
- how to take care of dogs and horses
- how to fly

- get a master's degree (field pending)
- got lists of anime and movies I'd like to watch, video games to play, and novels to read
- see the Northern Lights
- visit Japan/see the sakura trees
- design my own home and have it built (modern/fantastical decor w/ a terrace, rose garden, and koi pond w/ a waterfall...I could go on...)
- design and have my own personal art studio built
- read more/expand knowledge in every area of my life
- host a huge online art contest (or two~)
- obtain conceal carry permit
- list of various conventions to attend around the country
- become a master illustrator
- make it to the silver screen
- skydive at least once
- compile a life-long dream journal

- create living will
- finish hemming jeans + mend other clothing
- line cabinets with new liner
- frame + hang art pieces
- fix desk shelf
- clean the carpet
- handwash certain laundry
- string up the white lights
- write to certain people
- shop at farmer's market in two cities + Renaissance fair
- yoga + hip hop aerobics classes weekly + personal workouts
- yada, yada, this list is virtually endless...

All this doesn't even include my job goals, current load at work, or my spiritual journey. My life is full. I am...very nearly content. :p There's only one thing missing, and I'm trusting God to take care of it in due time. But in the meantime, I've got my work cut out for me~ ^_^

If I could choose only one thing to complete before I die, it'd be that super secret novel project I've been working on. There is a lot I want to convey in that thing, and I feel the essence of my life would make the greatest impact through that project.'s constantly on my mind.

NOW YOU KNOW. If I'm not actively doing these things, I'm continuously coming up with ways that I can until they're eventually achieved. This is what I call living life to the fullest~