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Sailor Moon Theme Recover~

And here we are with the new Moon theme cover I mentioned in the previous entry. Yay~ ~Uni

Recordings from 2001

I was making up a new iTunes playlist on my new mac today and broke out the external hard drive for all my older songs. It was pretty much awesome finding all my old favorites from the 90s, early 2000s and animes. What I wasn't expecting to find were voice recordings I did back in 2001 in those same folders. I was 11 back then, and wow my voice was so high pitch. lol I had this pretend radio station that I called "96.toonami" and I used a tape recorder to record songs from the real radio and anime shows which I then played back like it was on my radio. I was the hostess, of course, and we had these little "Talk Time" sessions where I'd invite my friends and my brother in to role pay with anime characters.  I found those recordings, too, but I'm not going to share them...they're so embarrassing. xD;;; What I WILL share...are the songs I sung myself for the radio show. There were a few Sailor Moon songs I did which brought a smile to my face as I c